Wickerhamomyces onychis (Yarrow) Kurtzman et al.
NCAIM Number Y.01002T
Other Collection Number CECT 1458, CBS 5587, ATCC 28486, IFO 1682, NCYC 951, NRRL Y-7123
Strain Name
Strain Status Type
Strain History
Previous Name Pichia onychis Yarrow
Typestrain of
Isolator Bruining, M.
Isolation source nail, of Man / Netherlands
Isolation Type
Restriction Hazard Group 1
Name of Medium NCAIM 0001 - Malt Extract Agar 26°C
Notes and applications
Literature Antonie van Leeuwenhoek 31: 465-467, 1965
FEMS Yeast Research 8: 939-954, 2008