Meyerozyma guilliermondii (Wickerham) Kurtzman and Suzuki
NCAIM Number Y.01050T
Other Collection Number CBS 566, ATCC 6260, DBVPG 6140; IFO 10279; IGC 2730; JCM 1539; NRRL Y-324
Strain Name
Strain Status Type
Strain History
Previous Name Pichia guilliermondii Wickerham
Typestrain of Candida guilliermondii
Isolator Castellani, A.
Isolation source sputum
Isolation Type human
Restriction Hazard Group 1
Name of Medium NCAIM 0001 - Malt Extract Agar 26°C
Notes and applications

Integrated Process of Arabinose Biopurification and Xylitol Fermentation Based on the Diverse Action of Candida boidinii. Chem. Biochem. Eng. Q., 29 (4) 587� (2015).