Streptomyces fulvoviridis (Kutschaeva et al.) Pridham
NCAIM Number B.02368T
Other Collection Number NCIB 9804, ATCC 15863, CBS 830.68, IFO 12863, DSM 40210
Strain Name
Strain Status Type
Strain History
Previous Name
Typestrain of
Depositor Török, T.
Isolation source soil / Russia
Isolation Type soil
Restriction Hazard Group 1
Name of Medium NCAIM 0059 - Streptomyces Medium 28°C
Notes and applications

referred to as the type strain (Shirling EB, Gottlieb D. Cooperative description of type cultures of Streptomyces. III. Additional species descriptions from first and second studies. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 18: 279-392, 1968.)