Author S.A. Meyer and Yarrow, D.
Publication Year 1978
Article Title Proposal for amendment of the diagnosis of the genus Candida Berkhout nom. cons
Journal/Book Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol.
Volume/page 28: 611-615
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NCAIM Number
Candida apicola Y.01476T
Candida apis var. apis Y.01399T
Candida etchellsii Y.01397T
Candida fructus Y.01304T
Candida haemulonis Y.01497T
Candida inconspicua Y.01470T
Candida magnoliae Y.01269T
Candida maris Y.01310T
Candida musae Y.01314T
Candida nemodendra Y.01371T
Candida nitratophila Y.01311T
Candida norvegica Y.01505T
Candida pini Y.01326T
Candida sonorensis Y.01238T
Candida stellata Y.01332T
Nakazawaea wickerhamii Y.01029T
Ogataea pignaliae Y.01335T
Wickerhamiella sorbophila Y.01364T
Wickerhamiella versatilis Y.01395T
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